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San Francisco










A bunch of kids staring at paintings in a gallery.

New York City

The Peanuts Global Artist Collective has found another retail home with Macy’s! Starting this May, the collection will set in 100 Macy's stores nationwide and The exclusive unisex collection will feature unique works from artists FriendsWithYou and avaf in products for adults and kids ranging from denim jackets, t-shirts, hoodies to hats, onesies, water bottles and skateboards.

Dozens of oversized, Snoopy-inspired dog bowls designed by world-renowned artist Rob Pruitt dotted the sidewalks of Chelsea last September, providing neighborhood pooches an opportunity for a water break, while their two-legged companions drank in the next wave of amazing Peanuts-inspired public art.

Groundbreaking retailer Story participated in The Peanuts Global Artist collective as the first NYC retail home of the project, featuring a wide variety of exclusive merchandise!

Snoopy-inspired Dog Bowls

A red dog bowl on a white background.


A shop displaying various types of merchandise.

Follow the historic streets of the Hudson Square Neighborhood and discover several oversize hand-painted artist murals around the neighbrhood.

The Murals

Rob Pruitt

A mural of a black and white dog and a panda on a brick wall.

Kenny Scharf

A spray painted, purple eye with show characters around it.

Nina Chanel Abney

A blue wall with a black and white dog and a yellow bird.

Tomokazu Matsuyama

A black and white dog sitting on a chair, wearing a red hat and painting a picture.


A white cloud with a face and a human body.


A colourful mural of a dog screaming.

André Saraiva x Mr. A

A mural of a red stand with a white dog and a yellow character standing behind it.