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A bunch of kids staring at paintings in a gallery.


The first Peanuts Global Artist Collective Christmas-themed event, and overall the first PGAC event in China, was held at the prestigious Chongqing IFS shopping mall in Chongqing, China in December 2019. Featuring Christmas decorations using both the classic style of Peanuts as well as art from selected Peanuts Global Artist Collective artists, guests also found interactive installations, photo corners, and pop-up stores.

Chongqing IFS


A brightly lit cone structure in front of a tall building, surrounded by Christmas trees.
Two giant, colourful Christmas ornaments.
A giant red and yellow Christmas ornament.


A giant, red dog house inside a mall.
A close-up of red and white boxes sitting under a Christmas tree.
A large pink and red mural.

Nina Chanel Abney

A bunch of Christmas presents sitting underneath two Christmas trees inside a shopping mall.


A large doghouse, a Christmas tree and presents inside a shopping mall.